This week takes us straight to Fashion Week, which means that the frenzy starts in T-4. I wanted to do something different this year and share my tips for the Fashion Week that I have left and that I find the most important. I know there is a lot of idolatry and glorification in Fashion Week Ideas, but it’s not always clear – and it’s always very intense and crazy. I always learn something new from season to season, even though I have been there several times. This year, you’ll start in the four capitals of fashion, so follow Instagram and live all the BTS action.

My tip # 1 is to plan your outfits at least two weeks in advance. As independent as it may seem, it is high time to get shot. You can not or should not be killed; However, if you are spotted by a photographer, you are at least properly dressed because it can open doors for future jobs and collaborations.

Make sure to try all your outfits in advance and bring extras in case you change your mind at the last minute (as I always do). Rachel Zoe once said the mirrors are lying, but the photos are not. I could not agree anymore, so I always did a try taking pictures of myself in my last look, then I saved them in a folder on my phone. It helps enormously with the packaging so that I can follow exactly what I need to bring and what shoes or accessories belong to which outfit.

Never think that you will discover when the day will come because you will not do it. In the morning shows, things can change drastically, depending on my mood. I’m not always faithful to what I originally planned – this is where the packaging of extras is useful.

Stay organized and check everything …
I would like to participate in all the shows I’m invited to, but it’s impossible. And even if I choose shows, it is always extremely difficult to cover everyone. Fashion Week is just an incredibly fast environment – and it can easily happen that you miss important things when you are a bit disorganized.

Then sync it with your calendar. Whenever you’re off or on Google Maps, check how long it takes to get to the next location, so you know exactly when you need to travel to be punctual.
Always check and make sure your information is correct!

If this is your first week of fashion, you should spend more time finding the place, as this can sometimes be confusing. Be aware that delays in a show, no matter how ready you are, can delay you for another one. These things are out of your control, so it’s best to stay calm and continue.

With changing outfits and time management …
Traffic in New York is not a joke, making it a logistical nightmare, so you must manage your time wisely. Something that needs to be considered here is several changes of outfit. You will see that bloggers often change outfits in one day, which is exhausting. The time it takes to go from a showroom to a venue or back to your hotel takes a lot of time. As a result, I covered a maximum of two outfits a day. With all the events, parties and shows taking place in one day, you will let the energy escape you. I decided to spend most of them after the holidays to be able to work and sleep. It helped me a lot to get ready for the next day’s work.

Tip: Everyone has their own formula, but if you want to make several changes of outfit in one day, you know that you have little time for execution, so plan (or get a plan) – or be You change openly for that while you’re out and in the bathroom of a nearby cafe (you might need an assistant). I have personally always been to my hotel or Airbnb.

On my Fashion Week survival kit …
There are a few things I learned during Fashion Week:
The first things first – the food. You can not have lunch, so ALWAYS have breakfast because you need the energy to start a hectic day. In addition, no one ever has time for food, which brings me to my next point – Power Bars. Put some in your purse if you need a quick boost. Nobody wants to be close to someone at Fashion Week.

As for your clothes, they will always collapse when packed in luggage. Once you arrive at your destination, take out everything and hang it. Hotels and Airbnbs usually have an iron, but a steamboat is best for sensitive fabrics. That is, bring yours – I recommend it. A lint roller is also important to keep your clothes fresh and flawless.
Safety pins are the ultimate MUST. Make sure you have a lot at hand because they are best at storing and keeping things in place – or doing something when it’s too loose. And then, never forget your phone and a portable charger because you feel disabled without these two things in a noisy environment.

Professional advice: always keep a few sunglasses on hand to fight the sun or cover only tired eyes. This is one of my favorite FW accessories.

On the good label of the fashion week …
I have a huge idea here that annoys me personally – and that’s when someone holds their arm to take pictures or videos all the time during a show. It’s distracting and destructive to others around you who are also trying to report.
Professional Tip: Take your photos or a short video and then remove your phone. We are all here for the same purpose, so take care of the other participants.

You’ll read many tips on how to survive the fashion week, like “Do not steal another person’s seats, do not bring your business card, or do not wait around the entrance.” Although I think these are all good things to watch, you do not feel like you have to follow the rules. I broke a lot of rules …

Sometimes when you park at the entrance, you have to stand behind once everyone has sat down. We all start somewhere, even if standing means – and that’s good. It can help you get trail pictures that you can share with a designer the next season, and this can open the door to other options – or help you get the list for the next one.

If there is anything specific about what you want to know or see during Fashion Month, please let me know below and I will do my best to make everything possible! Otherwise, let’s start this party!